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Dr. Natalie Candela

Spiritual Coaching

We live in a time of a great evolution of consciousness and of collective spiritual awakening. Many people are beginning to question their purpose and direction in life, the beliefs and social norms they have absorbed through the years, and the meaning of life in general. Spiritual awakening is a journey of discovery, a journey towards knowing oneself, remembering one's connection to the divine, and understanding one's place in the world. It is a path that shifts perceptions, broadens views, and deepens wisdom. A true spiritual awakening is not a purely intellectual exercise; nor is it an escape from reality. It is a very practical path of learning to live in harmony with the world while recognizing that you are not of it.

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Every person experiences spiritual awakening in their own way. For some people, the changes are fast and furious, and for others, they are gradual. There is no right or wrong way to go through it. Each person's path is right for that person. However, while the pace and sequence of events may differ, the deeper questions and issues that people face on the journey are very similar. Many people on the awakening path begin to question the validity of assumptions they have always believed to be true, they ask such questions as "what is God" and "what is the meaning of life and death." They re-evaluate the way they treat others and the way they feel about themselves, They explore their gifts and talents, and assess their life priorities. They also begin to look for tools that can help them gain insight, guidance, and a closer connection with the Spirit. 

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Spiritual coaching is tailored to the individual needs of each person. It may include in-depth discussions on a particular topic or practical exercises and simple spiritual practices. The following questions are just a few of the potential discussion points:

  • Why are we here?

  • Is this all there is to life?

  • Does everyone have a purpose? What is mine?

  • What happens after we die?

  • Why do I feel like I don't fit in anywhere?

  • Why do I experience addiction?

  • If God is loving, why is there so much suffering?

  • How can I develop intuition?

  • How should I meditate?

The goal of spiritual coaching is to increase spiritual wisdom and understanding, build self-awareness, develop intuition, and create greater balance and harmony. Spiritual coaching does not include hypnosis. Any therapeutic work that may be beneficial to the client can be arranged separately.

Spiritual coaching can be done in person or online.

What my clients say...

"Natalie is a kind, loving, spiritual soul who has helped me move through the fear and pain of past trauma. She is very skilled in her craft and able to use many techniques to meet her clients' needs. Natalie was very patient as I progressed beyond my perceptions and limitations during our 3 months of working together. She has been an integral part of my awakening and healing journey. Natalie also helped me work through redefining whom I serve and why in my coaching practice, which was pivotal in moving me forward in a direction that felt right. I highly recommend working with Natalie."

   Janeen C., Columbus, OH