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Dr. Natalie Candela

New Consciousness Activation Videos

This page presents primarily examples of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) sessions. QHHT can have a life-changing effect. If you are curious about what this session might be like, listen to the recordings of some of my clients' sessions. All of the recordings are posted with my clients' permission.

From time to time I will post a regression session with a UFO experiencer. These sessions focus on examining a person's contact with non-human beings rather than on visiting past lives. There are often similarities between these two types of regressions.

Lisa's QHHT session

A beautifully detailed journey into the lives of a medicine woman and a simple girl in the British Isles. The story of many women whose power was stripped as a matter of course and a lesson about the importance of regaining one's power and love for oneself.

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You have divinity inside; you have self-healing that is profound. You have the ability
to solve the unsolvable in your life.
                                                                     - Kryon
Interview with Nancy DeYoung and Alexandria Noble
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