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Awakened Hypnosis

Dr. Natalie Candela

Hypnotic Regressions

Regression is a hypnotic journey that shifts a person in time. As the name suggests, a regression is typically a return to the past (either recent or distant). However, at times, during the session a person is taken into the future. There are several types of regression journeys:

Age regression

An age regression takes a person to a younger age in the current life (typically childhood or young adulthood). Many of our current behavior patterns originate in our early years, so returning to the onset of the issue to heal the emotions, reframe thinking, and ultimately reshape current behavior is one of regular hypnotherapy techniques. Such regression can be done as part of the larger hypnotherapy process or can be requested as a stand-alone session. It is important to note that such regressions are not aimed at bringing up painful or traumatic memories and feelings. The events are revisited in

Age regression1.jpg

order to shift perspective and break unhelpful subconscious associations. Special care is taken to keep the client feeling safe and comfortable. An age regression is typically part of the inner-child work, which helps the client to get in touch with his/her younger self and help change the way in which the younger self views, interprets, and makes decisions about the events that are at the root of the current issue.

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Event regression

Event regressions are very similar to age regressions, except they take the client to one specific event instead of a general age period. An event regression might be helpful when a person wants to reconstruct an event that he or she cannot remember. One use for this is looking for lost items (a person has placed an important object somewhere, but has no conscious recollection of it). Another common use is to recover memories of a UFO (or non-human) contact by people whose conscious memories have

been purposely blocked. These individuals may have a sense or a fleeting memory of something happening, and they may also have evidence of lost time. An event regression allows them to fill the gaps in their memory and to get a better understanding of what occurred, which typically leads to the release of tension and fear.  


Another use of event regression is to reconstruct memories of an event from the past that has been suppressed or blocked by the person’s subconscious mind due to its traumatic nature. Such regression, if done carelessly, can be potentially damaging to the client as it can plunge the person back into the trauma from which the mind has been protecting him or her. Hypnotherapy clients are not regressed into highly traumatic events; therefore, regression for this purpose is rarely done. In the instances where such regression is necessary, great care is taken to ensure that the client does not relive the emotional or physical trauma of the event, experiencing it only as an observer who is able to gain a greater perspective on what happened.

Life regression

For people looking for a deeper spiritual understanding, life regressions offer a unique perspective on their soul journey. Though traditionally called a “past life” regression, such regression is not limited only to the past. In fact, with an understanding that time is a very linear human concept, and that in the greater reality, time (such as it is) is circular, with everything existing in the eternal present moment, we can see that a life regression can take the person forward into a potential future or even sideways into the simultaneously-existing parallel lives. Until recently, the purpose of such journeys was mostly to satisfy curiosity and find out what lives one might have lived before. Since the planetary energetic shift of December 2012, however, the potential of this work has become much greater. A journey into other lives allows a person to tap into, and

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reclaim, the strengths and gifts that he or she has developed in those experiences. The skills our souls develop in any of the life experiences are ours to keep, and by accessing them in hypnosis, we can transfer their awareness and knowledge into the present.


For example, if we need to develop public speaking skills, we can travel to the life where our public speaking skills were best honed and root that awareness in the present. Past life regressions can be helpful in healing phobias (fears that have no known origin in our current life). They also offer a way to rebalance mental and emotional energy in a way that is most beneficial to our current life. While most of us do not have any conscious memories of our past lives, until recently, what little awareness came to the surface has been associated with the most traumatic events of the past. We now have the ability to release the trauma of the past and to adjust the Akashic Record (record of all soul experiences) so that traumatic events recede into the background while positive, helpful experiences come forward. In other words, we can begin to take control of all of our life experiences in a way that supports our current life journey instead of interfering with it.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a life regression technique that was developed by Dolores Cannon. QHHT typically involves regressions into two lives and then a conversation with one’s Higher Self, in which the client gets to answer questions and receive answers. QHHT sessions are usually twice as long as past life regressions.

What my clients say...

"Natalie was amazing to work with. I had such a magical experience that I have sent 5 personal friends to see her, and they have all had AMAZING things come out of it. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing you live over and over with the ones you love the most in your life! Go see her and discover your purpose in this life, you won't regret it!"

   Brent S., Columbus, OH

"I went for a QHHT session, and Natalie was so receptive to all my worries and questions. She also taught me so much that I found peace while discovering the real me and the new perspectives about what I previously thought was a deficiency. The past-life regression part was such a blessing in that I found the deeper rooted patterns, beliefs, and actions that have repeated lifetime after lifetime and have caused such pain for me today physically and emotionally. Natalie was able to help me make a new connection with my body and help me bridge a gap for a fresh start in communication, love, respect, and understanding with all parts of myself. Can't thank you enough, Natalie!"

   Erin D., Columbus, OH

"Having never experienced a past life regression session, I was a bit apprehensive. Dr. Candela came highly recommended through a friend, so I trusted I was in good hands, and I was! She was professional and made the experience very comfortable. I felt safe and supported. Overall, I found the session to be deep, insightful, and sacred. It provided a level of unforeseen clarity and opened me up to an entirely new level of spiritual and personal growth."

      Jen M., Los Angeles, CA

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