Lemurian Sisterhood

Lemurian Sisterhood is a spiritual gathering of the awakening women. The purpose of the Lemurian Sisterhood is to rekindle women's remembrance of their original spiritual Akash. Deep within their old soul DNA resides the template of their sacredness. As each woman reclaims her sacredness, she becomes a living example of compassionate Mother energy in action. Women who reawaken and embody the sacred Divine Feminine are the way-showers of peace on the planet.

Lemurian Sacred Circles are the result of the work of Lee Carroll, PhD, the original Kryon channel and of Amber Mele'ha Wolf, PhD. As Mele'ha, the last Lemurian Priestess, Amber is the creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars. She held the first Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America. Amber Mele'ha continues to channel information and guidance through her ongoing connection to the Pleiadian Star Mothers.

What happens during the meeting?

A Sacred Circle meeting is about two hours long and is held once a month. During each Sacred Circle meeting the wisdom of the Divine Feminine is invoked and ignited as the women in the circle activate, meditate, sing, and celebrate their sacredness together.


I serve as an authorized host of the Sacred Circle in Columbus, Ohio. During our meetings, I lead the women through the attunement to the wisdom of the Lemurian ancestors, as well as through ceremonies, prayers, intention setting, learning, singing, and healing.

Who can attend the meeting?

We welcome all women who feel called to reawaken their Divinity whether they are new to the spiritual path or have been on it for a long time. The Sisterhood is for women only – this is something that Kryon has made very clear. The men can participate by holding a safe, sacred space for women so that women can rise and begin to bring balance into the world. The term “woman” in this context is defined as a soul that resides in a woman’s body in this lifetime. If you are wearing a man’s body, we ask you to sit this one out. Thank you!

When/where are the meetings held?

The meeting times and places may change from time to time. The best way to keep updated on the times and locations is to join the closed Face Book group.

             Lemurian Sisterhood - Columbus, Ohio

Meetings are held at 1450 Idlewild Dr., Columbus. All meetings are 7 - 9 p.m. Attendance is $15. 

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