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Passive observer or active decision-maker?

This is not about politics, but those of you living in the United States or observing the US from afar know that we are going through an election. This year many people are passionate about casting their votes, but some make a choice not to participate. They believe that their voices don’t matter and their votes don’t count, and so they simply choose not to choose, allowing events to unfold as they may.

The outside world often mirrors what is happening within us, and an election reflects what happens when we decide to be passive observers of our own lives. It is easy to see why in this day and age people may feel tired, discouraged, or even at times powerless, so deciding not to make a choice may almost feel like an exercise of one’s power. But is this decision truly empowering?

Photo by Maddog 229 from Pexels

Over 90% of our lives (from decision-making to our behaviors) is conducted on an auto-pilot. Throughout the day, our subconscious programs determine how we respond to the outside world. We call these subconscious programs our personality and generally do not interfere in how they operate. We believe that what happens to us and how we act in response cannot really be helped. You may have heard a phrase – if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. This is how we live – we keep facing the same problems, keep getting into the same types of relationships, and keep dealing with things in the same way. In effect, just like some people in an election, we stop making conscious choices about our lives, believing that our lives will unfold in whatever way they may.

And that is very true. Our lives will indeed unfold somehow, but they may do so in a way that we do not like. Dr. Joe Dispenza – a neuroscientist and a mystic – teaches that when we live on an auto-pilot, we allow our body to guide us in a way that’s familiar to it, and what is familiar to our body is its past - past traumas, past disappointments, past emotions, past beliefs, etc. When we are guided by our bodies based on the past, we continue to attract the things and experiences that resonate with our past. Think about it as a radio – when you turn a radio dial to a certain frequency (let’s say 103.5 Hz), you can pick up the music that is broadcast at that frequency. The same is true about us. When we are guided through life by our body memories instead of our conscious decision-making, we become a radio station that plays the Golden Oldies – replaying such old hits as feeling unloved, being disempowered, being lonely, misunderstood, unsupported, abandoned, betrayed, and so on.

But then an election year comes along and reminds us that we can “snap out of it.” We have the power to choose and our voice counts in how we shape our future. And then it is up to us – do we remain passive observers or do we become active decision-makers?

How about you? Do you want to let your life be automatically shaped by outdated experiences, emotions, and beliefs, or is it time now to become a conscious and active participant in the unfolding of your path? Tomorrow is the day when Americans exercise their choice, and this year is the year of clear vision (20/20). What do you see in your future? What do you choose?

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