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Awakened Hypnosis

Dr. Natalie Candela

Sample Sessions

This page presents examples of my various regression sessions -  QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), UFO regressions (for alien experiences), and other regressions (research explorations, basic past life regression, etc.) All recordings are posted with client permissions. This is just a sample. Many additional videos are posted on my YouTube Channel - Natalie Candela Hypnotherapist

Intended as a UFO exploration, this journey begins with a detour into a past life and then ends on a ship of a very alien race. The description is vivid and at times funny. The description of this video includes a link to Marg's conscious discussion of her experiences.

Sarah visits two women who were establishing their voices and their truths. QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, which was developed by Dolores Cannon. This technique extends a past life regression into a Q&A with the client's Higher Self. Most of the questions are prepared in advance by the client.

A rare look at three past lives that reveal a soul's decision to experience both sides of power, abuse, and loss. The journey also shows that we do not stay in one gender.

An amazing journey into the life of a medicine woman and a young bride in the British Isles, whose husband we get to interview. Learning the importance of loving oneself.

The first in a series of five explorations of non-human life experiences. We meet a traveler - a humanoid being in a society where all are connected.

An amazing account of a young soldier and a journey through three lives, all with the same theme and a lesson to have the courage to be there for others.

The journey of a woman who was a villager in Southeast Asia, a queen in Europe, and a waitress in America. This trip across time and space focuses on compassion and integration.

You have divinity inside; you have self-healing that is profound. You have the ability
to solve the unsolvable in your life.
                                                                     - Kryon

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