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Dr. Natalie Candela

Sample Sessions

This page presents primarily examples of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) sessions. QHHT can have a life-changing effect. If you are curious about what this session might be like, listen to the recordings of some of my clients' sessions. All of the recordings are posted with my clients' permission.

From time to time I will post a regression session with a UFO experiencer. These sessions focus on examining a person's contact with non-human beings rather than on visiting past lives. There are often similarities between these two types of regressions.


Lisa's QHHT session

A beautifully detailed journey into the lives of a medicine woman and a simple girl in the British Isles. The story of many women whose power was stripped as a matter of course and a lesson about the importance of regaining one's power and love for oneself.

John's UFO regression

An amazing journey of a UFO experiencer to discovery the meaning behind his extraterrestrial meetings and to see his own lives in a non-human civilization.

Deb's QHHT session

One woman's journey from hopelessness to freedom and empowerment and finally to wisdom, reminding all women to have the courage to follow their own path.

Mike's QHHT session

A man's journey into the long ago starts with some uncertainty but ends with finding a cure for a disease and messages about love. A concern about seizures leads to energy balancing and a special focus on healing and energy work.

Karen's QHHT session

A woman paints a portrait of her future daughter in one lifetime, gives birth to her in another life, and gets to raise her in a third one. The impact of a gun-shot wound to the stomach spans several lifetimes. (Karen initially had a hard time going into trance, and an unusually-long induction resulted in a slightly shorter session.)

Joe's QHHT session

An unusual session in that we visit three past lives instead of two, and they all present the same theme - focus on others.

A heartbreaking account of a young soldier fighting in a recent war.

Nikolai's QHHT session

A journey of a man who returns to two ancient lives where he was in touch with the gods, in one of them as an Incan woman.

John's QHHT session

A journey with a man who was an advisor to an Egyptian pharaoh and had conversations with Nostradamus. He brings back lessons about love, family, and service.

Jim's QHHT session

A profound session for the client. Jim visited two past lives with lost opportunities, made peace with his departed mother, and became clear on what he needs to do to turn things around.

Christy's QHHT session

From a fisherman in South Asia to a queen in England, Christy takes an unforgettable journey to the present. A great body healing at the end.

Dwayne's QHHT session

A person whose family died many years earlier is greeted by his "dead" son immediately after his passing. An interesting session because a detour into regular hypnotherapy was needed to deal with unresolved childhood trauma in the current life.

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You have divinity inside; you have self-healing that is profound. You have the ability
to solve the unsolvable in your life.
                                                                     - Kryon