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Awakened Hypnosis

Dr. Natalie Candela

Client Testimonials

"Natalie is a fantastic life coach and hypnotist. She has really helped me take control of my life and get on my right path. I always felt extremely comfortable talking with her. I now feel as though I have a better understanding of myself and my life experiences. I highly recommend Natalie to everyone."

   Eric C., Columbus, OH


"Natalie is a kind, loving, spiritual soul who has helped me move through the fear and pain of past trauma. She is very skilled in her craft and able to use many techniques to meet her clients' needs. Natalie was very patient as I progressed beyond my perceptions and limitations during our 3 months of working together. She has been an integral part of my awakening and healing journey. Natalie also helped me work through redefining who I serve and why in my coaching practice, which was pivotal in moving me forward into a direction that felt right. I highly recommend working with Natalie."

   Janeen C., Columbus, OH


"I came to Natalie for dream interpretation on the recommendation of a friend. I had been having a recurring dream but wasn't quite sure what it meant. Natalie asked me very specific and detailed questions and helped me to vividly remember my dream in an awake state. I now know that the life I am living today may not be the life I will be living in the future and that some sort of transition is being marinated for me in the universe. I am excited at the future prospects and grateful for the guidance. I would highly recommend Natalie for this service."

   Jay W., Mansfield, OH

"Natalie is very professional, definitely good at the services she provides. I would and will recommend her to anyone that is looking to explore hypnosis and what that can do. Check this place out, you will not be disappointed."

   Jeramy C., Columbus, OH

"Natalie was amazing to work with. I had such a magical experience that I have sent 5 personal friends to see her, and they have all had AMAZING things come out of it. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing you live over and over with the ones you love the most in your life! Go see her and discover your purpose in this life, you won't regret it!"

   Brent S., Columbus, OH

"I went in for a QHHT session, and Natalie was so receptive to all my worries and questions. Before we even began, she not only made me feel comfortable, but also got me more excited about the session. She also taught me so much that I found peace while discovering the real me and the new perspectives about what I previously thought was a deficiency. I realized that it was actually a gift I didn't understand and didn't know how to use properly! The past-life regression part was such a blessing in that I found the deeper rooted patterns, beliefs, and actions that have repeated lifetime after lifetime and have caused such pain for me today physically and emotionally. Natalie was able to help me make a new connection with my body and help me bridge a gap for a fresh start in communication, love, respect, and understanding with all parts of myself. Listening back to the recording, well, it was also kind of entertaining. Check it out for yourself on her Youtube channel! Can't thank you enough, Natalie! I also look forward to the great work we will do together in the future."

   Erin D., Columbus, OH

"Having never experienced a Past Life Regression session, I was a bit apprehensive. Dr. Candela came highly recommended through a friend, so I trusted I was in good hands, and I was! She was professional and made the experience very comfortable. I felt safe and supported. Overall, I found the session to be deep, insightful, and sacred. It provided a level of unforeseen clarity and opened me up to an entirely new level of spiritual and personal growth."

      Jen M., Los Angeles, CA

"I had the best dream interpretation session ever today. Natalie really took her time with me and walked me through every aspect, emotion and detail of my dream and gave me a profound interpretation. In the past I have just googled things like "what does water in my dream mean?" and completely missed everything. I really thought I had a good idea of what this particular dream was trying to show me. I was totally off. She has a true gift. She actually typed everything out for me as well so I can go back and read it, which is also really helpful for me. Do yourself a favor and look into what she does. Amazing work!" 

        Zach S., Columbus OH

"I’d tried meditation, medication, therapy, and group support but, even collectively, these were only barely leaving a dent on my pervasive anxiety.  Dr. Candela was immediately intuitive as to a hypnotic technique that would help me cope, and she got to work right away.  After just three sessions within one month’s time, I was feeling tremendous relief.  She additionally provided great lifestyle recommendations for keeping my recovery on track.  Dr. Candela is truly professional and compassionate.  I can’t recommend her enough."

         William K., Sterling Heights, MI

"Natalie is a very gifted hypnotherapist and a beautiful soul! She listens to me closely to identify the issues and incorporates unique and effective therapies into hypnosis. When I see her I feel instantly at ease and go into hypnosis quickly and comfortably. While working with Natalie, I have been successfully reaching my goals, which seems almost miraculous. She has changed the way I relate to my bosses at work and has helped me set inner and outer boundaries with all my relationships. The gift she brings to each session is helping me see that there is no wall to high or ocean to wide to keep me from being truly happy in healthy relationships."

           Debi L., San Diego, CA



"My hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Candela have helped me to get through many daily struggles and have helped me find where I want to be in my life. As a result, my college life has improved dramatically. I now have less stress and tension, and instead enjoy the experience."

             Brant H., Elwell, MI



"Before meeting Natalie, I was a young woman with uncontrollable anger. I could do nothing to calm down and think rationally. Through hypnosis, Natalie has helped me manage my anger and prevent it from consuming me. We are now working on a variety of things that are helping me become the best version of myself. I am very thankful for the wonderful experience I have had."  

                      Laura C., New York, NY



"In 8th grade I was diagnosed with severe ADHD and since then have tried every type of ADD/ADHD medication on the market to get myself to focus in school. While medicated I would become a robot who could organize and analyze perfectly, but would forget how to love, how to smile, and how to live. I have overdosed, spent countless nights without sleep, and endured hundreds of days of my mind fighting against my body and spirit. While my grades were going up, my passion for life was dying as I gave up all the things I really loved to do. Eventually I was persuaded to take on a college major I should not have chosen. 


The day I walked into Dr. Candela's office, I had one of the most interesting conversations I had ever had with another human being. Immediately I felt right at home. I felt safe and comfortable to talk about anything, and best of all, I could be the one true me. With the help of regular hypnotherapy and QHHT, I have been able to focus on my classes and homework without any ADHD medications and have become happy with where I am in life. I have learned to put away old bitter feelings and emotions, remove old grudges, and shine brighter than ever before. I have become a much more enthusiastic person, knowing what I want, where I am going, and what my purpose is. 


Dr. Candela helped me work through the issues that negatively affected my concentration, leading me toward greater mental and emotional stability. Change does not always happen in one day; it usually takes time and dedication. But once I focused my attention and intention on creating positive healthy changes in my life, I began to see the difference. In fact, I have experienced more improvements within the three months of weekly hypnotherapy sessions than I had within the nine years of taking ADHD medications. It is hard for me to describe just how thankful I am for everything Dr. Candela has done for me, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

          Jon P., Loveland, OH


"Natalie is a wise, insightful and compassionate hypnotherapist. It was amazing how she could quickly understand my complex issues and determine a unique and specialized session specific to my needs and my challenges with relationships, communications, and a complicated health issue. She has helped me resolve issues that have haunted me all my adult life. I look forward to a freer, more rewarding future because of hypnotherapy."

        Cheryl H., IN

"Thank you. I want to express how significant and positive this day [of QHHT session] has become in my life.  For the first time ever, I have clear permission to live with my own purpose, in confidence and harmony.  This truly is the most significant day in my life's spiritual journey. You are a very special person, Natalie; your genuine compassion is a gift delivering healing and hope."

        Jim W., Oxford, MI


"You changed my life. I look at everything and everyone differently now. I am grateful to you."

        Dwayne O., Flint, MI


"Natalie's hypnosis sessions give me a profound sense of calm that is hard to find through other stress-relief activities/medications. As someone who never thought I could even be hypnotized, I am deeply grateful that I found Natalie and can continue working with her to apply the wisdom I receive through hypnosis to my daily life. Working with her is always the highlight of my week!"

       Tara M., Detroit, MI

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